Norwegian salmon


Rich in nutrition, delicious, versatile and tasty, the Norwegian Salmon lives among the fjords in the icy, pure and clear waters . The slow growth and the continuous movement make it unique and savory. The depth of the water and the high standards of excellence in the Norwegian sector of fish products, combined with strict security policies, protect the fish from hatching to adulthood, so that the consumers can receive only the best quality salmon .

How to use
You can use the product in several ways: raw, such as in Japanese sushi and sashimi, French tartare, Latin- american ceviche. You can boil, grill, bake, smoke and marinate it. Few other products fit so well to different cooking habits around the world, conforming equally well to cocktails, family lunches, party dishes, brunch, restaurant meals and picnics. The chefs from all around the world choose the Norwegian Salmon as a source of inspiration for their culinary journey .

Scottish salmon


Facing strong sea currents, the Scottish salmons develop high strength and muscles. This means a very firm flesh, easy to cut, very tasty on the palate and low in fat. The Scottish Salmon is still worked with very traditional methods, such as the manual salting and the natural smoking, becoming a very high quality product, considered among the finest in the world for the most demanding gourmets.



Smoked – wild.

Total weight: Kg.2,700 +

Total weight in wooden box: Kg.2,700+

The Red King or Canadian Wild Salmon is in unceasing movement through rivers and sea, eats whatever he find on his way, so that it only withstands the laws of nature. Its flesh, muscular like that of an athlete and low in fat, is rich in valuable polyunsaturated omega 3 that contribute so much to our physical well-being. Served fresh or smoked, the Canadian wild salmon is offered raw and smoked in restaurants, fish shops and delis as much higher quality product than the breeding one.

How to use
In order to have a better taste, put it out of the fridge 15 minutes before eating.



Elegant , simple, quick to serve and definitely ideal for special occasion. Served with golden croutons: here you have the secret for a great success at the table.

How to use
In order to have a better taste, put it out of the fridge 15 minutes before eating.

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